Engineering services

Holistic consulting and problem-solving

For over 60 years.

Rücken & Partner offers engineering services that focus on the design, planning and work supervision of demanding general and industrial construction, civil engineering and infrastructure projects. Whether for general planning, engineering, surveying or specialist technical building services – the skills and experience provided by our engineers, technicians and construction managers are as wide-ranging as the missions that our clients task us with. We supply future-proof structures and engineering services that are geared towards achieving our clients’ goals. In doing so, we believe that it is essential to provide a realistic assessment of the consequences of decisions in order to shape the future responsibly.

What sector do you
operate in?

Building construction

Retail buildings, office buildings, administration buildings, hotels, leisure facilities, medical centres, residential homes, general housing, special buildings

Civil engineering & infrastructure

General drainage plans, sewage treatment plants, rehabilitation of sewer networks, major road-construction projects, development of residential and industrial areas

Landscape management planning and the environment

Permit engineering, climate protection, landscape management planning, urban planning

Earthworks and foundation engineering

Earthworks and foundation construction, flood-prevention systems, dams, excavation work, soil improvement; soil laboratory and soil surveys (in cooperation with experienced partners)

Technical building services

Total energy solutions, heating, ventilation and sanitary installations; drainage systems and electrical installations

Engineering surveying

Surveying services in construction and civil engineering, and as the basis of planning and research: levelling; tacheometric surveying; satellite/GPS surveying; as-built surveying; building surveying; staking; quantity surveying; control surveying

General and urban water management

Water supply and disposal management, flood prevention, service water extraction, wastewater management, rainwater management

Structural engineering /
construction engineering /
structural analysis

Buildings and installations for: water supply, wastewater disposal, waterside construction, waste disposal, transport facilities (bridges, ditches, noise barriers etc.), individual structures